Med in Art

MEDinART exhibition / Athens Science Festival 2017 (pictures from the event)

«MEDinART – where MEDicine and ART collide. Part One: The Greek Αrtists»
Curator: Dr. Vasia Hatzi, MEDinART Creator

MEDinART (, the global network of 130 artists inspired by bio-medical sciences, presents in the frame of Athens Science Festival 2017 the exhibition entitled “MEDinART – where MEDicine and ART collide. Part One: The Greek Αrtists” (29 March – 02 April 2017).

In the exhibition, the visitor explored the artwork of Greek artists of MEDinART in which the phenomenically different worlds of bio-medical sciences and art find a common ground: dentistry, cardiology, histology, neurosciences, oncology, pharmacology, microbiology, cell biology coexist with photography, painting, jewellery, video art, microscopic photography, thermal photography, conceptual art and bio-music.

MΕDinART is thanking Athens Science Festival 2017 and Technopolis of Athens City, Greece, for hosting the exhibition.

Special thanks goes to the MΕDinART artists whose artwork has been present during the exhibition: Mania Efstathiou, Leontios Hadjileontiadis, Keti Haliori, Vasia Hatzi (LaB. Bio-conceptual creations), Christiana Kazakou, Peggy Kliafa, Maria Lambropoulou, Konstantinos N. Patsios, Eleni Petridou, George Vardakis, Sophia Vini as well as to the members of FAME LAB (Andreas Flouris, Elvina Sakellariou, Soula Mermiga, Vivi Gkiata, Konstantina Poulianiti, Tania Amorim, Argyro Krasse, Eirini Kydonaki, Stefanos Kalotychos, Konstantinos Dallas, Eleni Nintou, Georgia Ntina, Maria Vliora), who contributed in the interactive section of the MEDinART exhibition via the application of Thermo-photography.

This year, Athens Science Festival attracted more than 30.000 visitors.

As a creator and curator of MΕDinART network and exhibition, I especially thank all the visitors of the exhibition and all of you who expressed your enthusiasm and admiration for the world of MEDinΑRT.


Vasia Hatzi

MEDinART Exhibition flyer

MEDinART banner

Technopolis, City of Athens, “Old Retorts” building.

MEDinART exhibition

MEDinART exhibition

MEDinART exhibition

Vasia Hatzi  / LaB. bio-conceptual creations / “Bio structural Motifs”: Endoplasmic Reticulum (left) and Mitotic Spindle (right) necklaces

Vasia Hatzi / LaB. bio-conceptual creations / Bio-Structural Motifs: the Cytoskeleton Necklace.

MEDinART exhibition

Peggy Kliafa / “Armory”

Leontios Hadjileontiadis / “Brainswarm”

Christiana Kazakou / “Random Observation”

Konstantinos N. Patsios / “Mare Nostrum”

Eleni Petridou / “Tumors of Wings”

Mania Efstathiou / “Brainscapes (Plate 54)”

Sofia Vini / “Vanitas”

Maria Lambropoulou / “When Human Cells Draw”

Keti Haliori / “Humanfungi”

George Vardakis “Dental Portraits”

Explore the MEDinART Greek Artists using The QR Code Map (designed by Vasia Hatzi)

FAME LAB / Thermophotography. The interactive exhibition of FAME LAB where the participants could be photographed using a thermal camera.

A thermo-photograph of MEDinART exhibition visitors using the thermal camera of FAME LAB.

MEDinART in Google Maps: MEDinART is a constantly expanding global network of artists. Today, MEDinART consists of 130 artists.

MEDinART exhibition visitors’s book has 65 pages full of messages, pictures and poems from the visitors of the exhibition.

Brain, the mascot with Vasia Hatzi.

The program of Athens Science Festival and MEDinART exhibition in “KATHIMERINI” newspaper.