Med in Art

MEDinART in Ioannina Science Festival 2020 // Talk by Dr. Vasia Hatzi

Title of talk: «The mutual beneficial relation between medicine and art: the paradigm of MEDinARΤ»
(Language: Greek, Slides in English)

Event: Ioannina Science Festival; “World of Science”
12-13 December 2020
Organisers: Ioannina Science FestivalSciCo

Art and medicine: two significant intellectual fields of human creativity. Even though they are considered as distant, the outcomes of medicine with art combination can be unpredictable, charming and impactful. How medicine contributes in art? How art contributes in medicine? What is the social role of biomedical-influenced art and what is its impact in the general public, the patients and the physicians? Through the medicine-inspired work of artists featured in MEDinARΤ the global network of artists inspired by biomedical sciences, we will explore the mutual beneficial relationship of medicine and art and we will approach the human body as an aesthetic landscape, as a philosophical symbol and as a universe available for artistic exploration.

Concept, creation and production: Vasia Hatzi.


MEDinART Exhibition

MEDinART – where MEDicine and ART collide. Part One: the Greek Artists
Athens Science Festival, Technopolis City of Athens (29/03/17 – 02/04/17)

Curator: Vasia Hatzi, MEDinART Founder

Artists: Mania Efstathiou / Leontios Hadjileontiadis / Keti Haliori / Vasia Hatzi / Christiana Kazakou / Peggy Kliafa / Maria Lambropoulou / Konstantinos N. Patsios / Eleni Petridou / George Vardakis / Sofia Vini/ FAME LAB: An interactive exhibition of thermophotography / MEDinART Video screening

Concept, curation, video production: Vasia Hatzi


MEDinART in CardioMED2016 / Talk by Dr. Vasia Hatzi

“MEDinART: where medicine and art collide: heart as a universal symbol in art” (talk in Greek)

International Conference CardioMED2016 (05/03/16, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens-Greece)

Through her talk, Vasia Hatzi presents the global MEDinART network ( and the artwork of selected MEDinART artists that are inspired by the cardiovascular system. Human heart is transformed from a mortal human organ to a timeless, universal symbol and its presence in contemporary art will be discussed.

Among the MEDinART artists that have been inspired from the cardiovascular system and the human heart and whose work has been included and credited in this presentation are: Pauline Lariviere, Alexandra Baker, Joanna Culley, Benjamin Vierling, Dino Valls, Fernando Vicente, Konstantinos Patsios, Giselle Vitali, Alexander Coroll, Diego Max, Rachel Ignotofsky, Chantal Pollier, Pascale Pollier, Kate MacDowell, Karine Jollet, Eline ‘t Sant, Federico Carbajal, Camila Sita Carlow, Helen Pynor, Peta Clancy.

Special Thanks to the Organiser of CardioMED2016, Dr. Julia Grapsa, Cardiologists, honorary senior lecturer at Imperial College of London, Chair of the young community of imaging, in the European Society of Cardiology.


Andreas Vesalius 500th Birthday Celebration (17/12/14_Andreas Syggros Museum)

An event dedicated to the great Flemish anatomist and artist Andreas Vesalius (Brussels 1514 – Zakynthos 1564). Organisers: Embassy of Belgium of Greece, MEDinART, Fabrica Vitae, BIOMAB and Andreas Syggros Museum.

Event program:

1. Private tour in Andreas Syggros Museum: a unique in its category museum with 1660 models of aphrodisiac and dermatological diseases, created by G.Ο. Foteinos.
2. Talks from invited speakers:
-Stefanos Geroulanos, Professor of Surgery in the University of Zurich, Professor Emeritus History of Medicine in University of Ioannina, President of the International Hippocratic Foundation.
-Leontios Hadjileontiadis, Professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering of Aristotle Uniersity of Thessaloniki, Bio-music Composer.
-Vasia Hatzi, PhD Geneticist, Collaborate Researcher in NCSR “Demokritos”, MEDinART Creator and Director.
-Pascale Pollier, President of BIOMAB and AEIMS.
3. Renaissance music concert: “Andreas Vesalius and his time: from Flanders to Zakynthos” Dimitris Kountouras- recorder and flute.
5. Presentation of the book “In search of Andreas Vesalius. The quest for the lost grave” by of Theo Dirix, Consul of the Embassy of Belgium in Athens.
6. Medical art films projection.
7. International contemporary art exhibition “Fabrica Vitae”.



MEDinART Video (2014)

MEDinART Video, presents 222 artworks from 75 MEDinART artists.

Concept, creations and curation: Vasia Hatzi, creator and director of MEDinART 
Video production: Costis Economides and Elli Pavloudi (ONTIME Productions).
Soundtrack: Lunicon.

The video has been presented and screened at the following international exhibition, events and scientific conferences.

  1. TEDMEDLive Athens, Onassis Cultural Center (23/04/2013, Athens-Greece).
  2. Vesalius Continuum, International Conference (4-8/09/2014, Zakynthos-Greece).
  3. Fabrica Vitae International Exhibition (4-8/09/2014, Zakynthos-Greece).
  4. The Night of The Researcher (16 October 2014, NCSR “Demokritos”, Athens-Greece).
  5. Andreas Vesalius 500th Birthday International Symposium (18/09/2014, Copenhagen-Denmark).
  6. 500th Birthday Celebration of Andreas Vesalius (17/12/2014, Andreas Syggros Museum, Athens-Greece).
  7. University of Ghent (01/11/2014, Ghent-Belgium).
  8. Fabrica Vitae exhibition (26-28/02/15, St. Louis University-USA).
  9. Fabrica Vitae exhibition (02-05/03/15, Emory University, Atlanta-USA).
  10. Andreas Vesalius 500 Birthday Conference (06/10/15, Medical University of Astana-Kazakhstan).
  11. CardioMED2016 (05/03/2016, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens-Greece).
  12. MEDinART Exhibition “MEDinART – where MEDicine and ART collide. Part One: the Greek Artists”, Athens Science Festival 2017, Technopolis City of Athens (29/03-02/04/17, Athens-Greece).
  13. CNIC PhDay in the frame of the invited talk entitled “Human heart as a universal symbol in art. the MEDinART paradigm” (24/11/17, Madrid-Spain).