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The new MEDinART video is here!

The new MEDinART video which has been presented in the International contemporary art exhibition Fabrica Vitae that took place during  Vesalius Continuum both in Zakynthos and Copenhagen is here!

Click HERE to watch it!

MEDinART is the global continuously growing gallery of contemporary artists that are inspired by bio-medical sciences. These artists share the same vision and passion to understand human body in all of its range. This newly born video contains selected visual artwork from 90 artists whose work is featured in MEDinART. 

The video includes selected visual material from the following artists whose work is featured in MEDinART:

Pauline Lariviere, Naomi Hart, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Luke Jerram, Dino Valls, Emily Evans, Henning M. Laderer, Pascale Pollier, John Dunn, Erik Franklin, Katy Wiedemann, Mara G. Haseltine, Michael Paulus, Sarah Yakawonis, Rachael Allen, Andrew Carnie, Valentina Formisano, Rachel Ignotofsky, Ben Greener, Billy Reynolds, Sarah Goodreau, Marcin Oleksak, Martina Anagnostou, Maria Lalou, Teresa Duck, Kaisu Koski, Anatopunk, George Petrou, Cohen Van Balen, Shannon Rankin, Molly Epstein, Mathias Bengtsson, Anna Dumitriu, Danny Quirk, Federico Crbajal, Jason Freeny, Klari Reis, Alan Dindo, Alexandra Baker, Joanna Cullery, Kate MacDowell, Fernando Vicente, Angela Palmer, Jeremy Mayer, Jessica Lloyd-Jones, Brooke Roberts, Lisa Nilsson, Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo, Alfonso Elola, Giselle Vitali, Matej Peljhan, Tom French, Dionne Marshall, Luis Toledo, Alexander Coroll, Annelies Slabbynck, Sivu, Michael Reedy, Chantal Pollier, Diego Max, Sandra Yagi, Kathryn Parker Almanas, Dung Hoang, Karine Jollet, Jacob Kirkegaard, Isabelle Dalle, Benjamin Vierling, Francesco Albano, Vesna Jovanovic, Travis Bedel, Yiannis Melanitis, Christianna Kazakou, Helen Pynor, Elaine Whittaker, Peta Clancy, Rogan Brown, Helene Goddyn, Nina Sellars, Geofrey Harrison, Vasia Hatzi (LaB.), Lisa Temple-Cox, Eleanor Crook, Stelarc, Leontios Hadjileontiadis.

Let’s explore this medical inspired art-world!

Vasia Hatzi: concept design of MEDinART, communication with the artists, curation, selection and archiving of the artwork.

Costis Economides and Elli Pavloudi of ONTIME Productions (, have made the video production. The music has been written by Lunicon.

MEDinART video

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