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“The Art in HeArt”: The new collaboration of MEDinART with Interalia Magazine is now live online! (Issue 25_June 2016)

Delighted to announce the new collaborative issue of MEDinART with the Interalia Magazine: the online Art, Science and Consciousness magazine, in the 25th Issue (June 2016) entitled “The Art in HeArt”. It was a great pleasure to collaborate once again with Richard Bright, Editor-in-Chief of Interalia magazine; Founder and Director of  The Interalia Centre (founded in 1990), and prepare exclusive interviews from experts in their fields and distinguished medical artists from MEDinART.

The aim of “The Art in HeArt” issue is to explore the work of artists that are inspired by the human heart. Artists, scientists and medical illustrators, discuss the relationship between cardiology and art. Contributions include articles by Chantal Pollier, Joanna Culley and Valentina Stefanescu; exclusive interviews with Benjamin A. Vierling, Federico Carbajal, Helen Pynor, Peta Clancy, Κonstantinos Patsios, Julia Grapsa and Vasia Hatzi.

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The articles/interviews of the contributors are shown below and you are invited to click and read!:



Chantal Pollier, “Taxonomy of Love”

Joanna Culley, “The Heart in Art”

Valentina Stefanescu, “Textile Anatomy”

Abir Saud Al-Saud, “The Tormented Lover and the Unattained Love”



Vasia Hatzi, “Hybrid Thinking from the Heart”

Helen Pynor, “The Body is a Big Place” 

Peta Clancy, “The Body is a Big Place”

Benjamin A. Vierling, “The Mystic Heart”

Federico Carbajal, “The Spatial Heart”

Konstantinos Patsios, “The Metaphorical Heart”

Julia Grapsa, “Cardiology and Art”


We hope you will all join in and spread the word to anyone that might be interested.

Please feel free to comment on articles, open a discussion or send us your article/s for future inclusion in the Interalia Magazine or MEDinART blog.


Enjoy reading!


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