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Fabrica Vitae exhibition and Vesalius Continuum are mentioned at New York Times (Aug. 25, 2014)

MEDinART is happy to announce that Vesalius Continuum and Fabrica Vitae exhibition that will take place on Zakynthos, Greece (4-8 September 2014), have been mentioned in the New York Times (Aug. 25 2014).

You can read the whole article of New York Times here:

Fabrica Vitae exhibition, a part of the international conference Vesalius Continuum, will host medicine inspired artwork from the most well-known artists in this field. Among them, the audience will admire the work of numerous artists whose work is also featured in MEDinART: Pascale Pollier, Dino Valls, Helen Pynor, Mara Haseltine, Andrew Carnie, Eleanor Crook, Isabelle Dalle, Lisa Temple Cox and Glenn Harcourt, Nina Sellars, Rachael Allen, Stelarc, Geoffrey HarrisonJoanna Culley.

MEDinART will also be present in the Fabrica Vitae exhibition with a new video created by Vasia Hatzi (creator and director of MEDinART) and Costis Economides and Elli Pavloudi of ON TIME Productions. This video will contain three (3) representative medical-inspired artwork of the more than 80 artists around the world whose work is featured in MEDinART.

This global touring multi-dimentional exhibition will be an amazing “hybrid” destination that will bring together medical artists from all around the world, inspire the bio-medical scientists and educate the general public.

See you all there!