Med in Art

Symposium: “Fluid Matter(s)”_Canberra, Australia_December 15-17

Fluid Matter(s)
A cross-cultural examination of bodily fluids and drugs that act upon them

This symposium brings together research on intellectual and conceptual histories of fluids in the textual traditions of East, South, Inner Asian, and European philosophy, science, and medicine with research on ways in which these fluids are handled, contained, disposed of or transformed by means of (medicinal) substances or artefacts. Our intention is to look not only at scientific discourses, but also at concrete practices of acting upon body fluids, and at material substances and artefacts that are used to handle or contain them. As such, our project is an attempt to create analytical tools for writing interdisciplinary cultural and social histories of matter. The symposium includes an experimental workshop on depicting matter in non-written form. The aim of this workshop is to stimulate academic researchers to think creatively about communicating their research to academic as well as public audiences.

Natalie Köhle (ANU)
Shigehisa Kuriyama (Harvard)
Lena Springer (Charité)

For more info about the event, the programme, the speakers and the abstracts check HERE.