Med in Art

“Cardiology in Art: the MEDinART paradigm”_Vasia Hatzi talk_CNIC PhDay 2017, Madrid-Spain

Special thanks to the organising committee of CNIC PhDay 2017 for the warm and honored invitation and everyone who attended my lecture on November 24th, 2017 at the Spanish National Center for Cardiovascular Research, Madrid!

Through my talk, entitled: “MEDinART: where MEDicine and ART collide. Human Heart as a universal symbol in arts“, the global MEDinART network ( as well as artworks from selected MEDinART artists that are inspired by the cardiovascular system have been shown. The human heart here was approached not as a mortal human organ or a subject for cure but as a timeless and universal symbol and source of inspiration. The presence of human heart as a universal symbol in contemporary arts was discussed through historical facts, opinions of distinguished scholars, selected artworks  of distinguished contemporary artists as well as through the work of artists from the MEDinART platform.

In the frame of this talk, the following institutions, artists and scholars were mentioned, among others:

Artists/Scholars: Prof. Martin Kemp, Prof. Arthur I. Miller, Prof. Stefanos Geroulanos, Pierre Vinken, Marina Abramovic, Paola Rojas and David Perez, Elito Circa, Marc Quinn, Theo Dirix, Pauline M. Lariviere, Joanna Culley, Alexandra Baker, Benjamin Vierling, Dino Valls, Fernando Vicente, Christian Schloe, Catrin Welz-Stein, David Bowers, Kmye Chan, Alexander Coroll, Diego Max, Rachel Ignotofsky, Chantal Pollier, Emily Evans, Kate MacDowell, Jessica Lloyd Jones, Karine Jollet, Valentina Ștefănescu, Maria Lampropoulou, Bartek Elsner, Shannon Rankin, Sarah Yakawonis, Federico Carbajal, Valentina Formisano, Alan Dindo, Camila Sita Carlow, Annabel de Vetten, Peta Clancy, Helen Pynor, Andrew Carnie, Cindy Stelmackowich, Eline ‘t Sant, Pascale Pollier.

Institutions/Organisations: Laboratory of health Physics, Cytogenetics and Biodosimetry of NCSR “Demokritos”, LaB. Bio-conceptual Creations, Athens Science Festival, Biomimicry Greece Research & Innovation, SciArt Magazine-NY, Interalia Magazine-UK, Science View Magazine, Athens Voice-Greece.