Med in Art

New article published about MEDinART in the Journal of Hellenic Society of Dermatology, by Vasia Hatzi

New publication about MEDinART
New article publishes in the new Issue of Hellenic Society of Dermatology and Venereology.
Title: “Exploring the mutual beneficial relationship between medicine and art through the global art network MEDinART”
Author: Vasia Hatzi
Article in Greek.
About this article:
Art and medicine are two significant intellectual fields of human creativity. Even though they are considered as distant, the outcomes of medicine with art combination can be unpredictable, charming and impactful. How medicine contributes in art? How art contributes in medicine? What is the social role of biomedical-influenced art and what is its impact in the general public, the patients and the physicians?
MEDinART, through its activities and philosophy is inviting scientists, artists and the general public into an open dialogue around these questions, and through the work of art from the artists it represents, approaches the human body as an aesthetic landscape, as a philosophical symbol and as a universe available for artistic exploration.
With (from left to right) Prof. A. Stratigos, University of Athens-GR; // Prof. D. Rigopoulos, University of Athens-GR; President of the Hellenic Society of Dermatology and Venereology; // Prof. Ch. Griffiths, University of Manchester-UK.
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