Med in Art

MEDinART in Vesalius Continuum and Fabrica Vitae

I am delighted that MEDinART was presented at the International exhibition Fabrica Vitae as part of Vesalius Continuum, the International Conference that took place on Zakynthos (where Andreas Vesalius died), September 4th-8th 2014 celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Flemish physician and great artist, Andreas Vesalius.

Following the spirit of Andreas Vesalius, many contemporary artists around the world are inspired by medicine and biomedical sciences. They share the same vision and passion to understand human body in all of its range. And all those artists are already citizens of the land of MEDinART. The video of MEDinART that was presented in Vesalius Continuum, includes three selected visual material from 85 artists whose work is featured in MEDinART and very soon will be available to everyone.

Vesalius Continuum hosted a wonderful mix of great medical historian, anatomists, medical artists and contemporary artists.

An amazing and inspiring experience!