Med in Art

MEDinART in the Embassy of Cyprus. Exhibition BEYOND SCIENCE. Athens-GR

Excited that MEDinART has participated in the exhibition BEYOND SCIENCE, organized by the Embassy of Cyprus in Greece (House of Cyprus) and the A.G. Leventis Foundation Scholars Association, Athens-Greece.

In the frame of this exhibition, a video was screened that includes 222 artworks from the artists of MEDinART (2015) as well as selected artworks from the following artists of MEDinART: Peggy Kliafa, Tolis Tatolas, FAME Laboratory and Vasia Hatzi (LaB. Bio-conceptual Creations).

Exhibition Organisation: Elena Gotsi, Maya Karahaliou, Ioannis Poulios
Curation: Nora Okka
General Organisation of the event: Takis Voilas, Maria Ragia

FOR MORE INFO CHECK HERE (article in Greek).