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MEDinART collaboration with Interalia Magazine

Exclusive article about MEDinART in Interalia Magazine:

Delighted to announce that the Interalia Magazine, the online Art, Science and Consciousness magazine, includes an exclusive article about MEDinART and an interview from the creator and director of MEDinART, Dr. Vasia Hatzi.

In the frame of the Interalia Issue 13/14 (June/July) dedicated to Biomedical inspired Arts, it was a great pleasure for me to collaborate with Richard Bright, Editor-in-Chief: Interalia magazine; Founder and Director of The Interalia Centre (founded in 1990), and prepare exclusive interviews from the following distinguished medical artists whose work is featured in MEDinART: Pascale Pollier, Angela Palmer, Peggy Kliafa, Chantal Pollier, Emilio Vavarella and Fito Segrera. In the same Issue, you will have the opportunity to read articles by Suzanne Anker, Anna Dumitriu, Laura Splan, Christiana Kazakou, George Petrou, Cindy Stelmackowich, Yiannis Melanitis and Theo Dirix; plus ‘blog videos’ with sivu, Leonardo da Vinci, Body of Songs and Dino Valls.

An important aspect of Interalia Magazine is to foster new ideas and promote further discussion. I hope you will all join in and spread the word to anyone that might be interested. Please feel free to comment on articles, open a discussion or send to Richard Bright your article/s for future inclusion in the Interalia Magazine or blog.

Enjoy reading!

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