Med in Art

MEDinART artists at Vesalius Continuum, 4-8 September 2014, Zakynthos, Greece

Eleanor Crook, Lisa Temple-Cox, Nina Sellars, Andrew Carnie, Mara G. Haseltine, Lucy Lyons, Rachael Allen and Stelarc were among the MEDinART artists that inspired us with their talks during Vesalius Continuum conference.

Below you can find the titles of their talks:

– Eleanor Crook – Depicting a mechanism of life: why the dissected body will not lie down and die
– Rachael Allen – Project ANATOME: when artist meets anatomy education
– Lisa Temple-Cox and Glenn Harcourt – “It’s my own invention”. Looking glass and speculum: an anatomical Alice
– Lucy Lyons – Drawing parallels
– Stelarc – Engineering aliveness and affect in humanoid robots
– Nina Sellars- The optics of anatomy and light
– Mara Haseltine – Geotherapy, Art from the Nano to the Geo :
Art that addresses the link between our biological and cultural evolution
– Andrew Carnie – A change of heart