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Vesalius Continuum event, 15th March 2024, Zakynthos, Greece

Vesalius Continuum event

Friday 15th of March 2024

Vesalius Square, Zakynthos, Greece

Vesalius, Andreas

Vesalius Continuum cordially invites you to a multicultural event dedicated to the legendary physician and artist of the Renaissance, Andreas Vesalius.

The event will commence with the unveiling of a Vesalius remembrance plaque at the Saint Mark’s Roman Catholic Church in Zakynthos, paying homage to his significant contributions to the field of anatomy. Additionally, a QR code plaque will be unveiled at the Vesalius monument, allowing visitors to delve deeper into the life and work of this influential figure through digital exploration.

In parallel, a series of captivating cultural events will take place at the Museum of D. Solomos; a harmonious fusion of music, poetry, photography, history, and science. These diverse artistic expressions will shed light on the multidimensional impact of Vesalius groundbreaking anatomical discoveries.

We are all invited to this Vesalius Continuum evening filled with intellectual stimulation, artistic inspiration, and a profound appreciation for the intersection of science and art.


Vesalius Continuum Organizing Team, and founders of Vesalius Continuum

Pascale Pollier
Theo Dirix
Mark Gardiner
​Ann Van de Velde