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Vasia Hatzi interview about COVID Pandemic; to Ramdas Shenoyy, founder of StirfryMBA

Category : Interviews
A few days before the closing of 2021, Vasia Hatzi had the honour to be interviewed by Ramdas Shenoyy, founder of StirfryMBA Inspired Learning portal, who has given her the extraordinary opportunity to talk about her sci-art activities, MEDinARĪ¤ and its philosophy, as well as the social impact of medicine-inspired art in the pre- and post-pandemic era.
As a transition point, the COVID pandemic, is triggering us to rethink the ways in which we can co-exist with each other, with ourselves, and with life forms radically different from our species; and to invent new strategies of resilience. This process presupposes an interdisciplinary way of thinking, where all the human achievements are activated: the sciences, the arts, and the technologies.
We hope that in 2022 we will be even more adaptable, with all the possibilities of our species activated, and strong enough to cope effectively with the symbiotic challenges of the present and the future.
To read the interview and explore StirfryMBA Inspired Learning portal, HERE.