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Public Engagement in Science through Art _ Event by waag Society_on 31 January 2014, Amsterdam

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Public Engagement in Science through Art


Politics, Ethics, Power and Propaganda – An ‘ICT and Art Connect’ Event by Waag Society

This special evening of short talks, discussions and networking brings together artists, scientists and technologists to investigate the role of art and public engagement in science. We consider forms of best practices and hope to develop new collaborations.

Many people believe that art is able to communicate important issues in science and technology to a wide range of audiences, that aren’t reached by traditional science communication techniques. But is this view well founded? What are the issues that need to be considered to achieve best practices? Are we talking about the instrumentalisation of art to create science propaganda? Or about enabling artists to work with cutting edge technologies in contexts that enable audiences to participate in debates around emerging technologies and ethical problems that they would not otherwise have access to? And how can we help achieve the best results for both art and science?

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