Med in Art

Pascale Pollier interview about how she came to be interested in art and science.

Please tell us about you and your work, and how you came to be a medical illustrator and medical artist. 
“I was interested in medicine from a very early age. At age 16 I had to choose to either go to art school or to stay on and study science. I was very good at biology and would have loved to work in a laboratory; however, my art teacher recommended to go to art school. This was the first time I had to choose between my two passions, art and science.

I studied fine art and painting at St. Lucas Academy of Art and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, both in Gent, Belgium, and loved the anatomy lessons and life drawing classes. The subject matter in my paintings was already inspired by medical conditions. I made paintings of hermaphrodites and other medical congenital conditions, including albinism.”


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