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MEDinARTvideo from TEDMEDLive Athens event has arrived to our blog!

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We are happy to announce that MEDinART video has just arrived to our blog from the main venue of TEDMEDLive Athens.

Let’s enjoy it!

MEDinART presentation from MEDinART on Vimeo.

In this video, selected work from the following MED-inspired artists was included:

Pauline M. Lariviere, Joanna Culley, Marcin Oleksak, Alexandra Baker, Billy Reynolds, Danny Quirk, Fernando Vicente, Teressa Duck, Sarah Goodreau, Klari Reis, Angela Palmer, Jessica Lloyd-Jones, Federico Carbajal, Alan Dindo, Kate MacDowell, Jeremy Mayer, Jason Freeny, Shannon Rankin, Lisa Nilsson, Kaisu Koski, George Petrou, Cohen & Van Balen, Maria Lalou (aka reaction-lalou), Anna Dumitriu, Methias Bengtsson, Anatopunk, Molly Epstein, Martina Anagnostou, Vasia Hatzi (laB.) and Brooke Roberts

MEDinART video production was made by Costis Economides and Elli Pavloudi.

The soundtrack of MEDinART video has been created by Lunicon.