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“In the Shadow of Vesalius”_New book about the life and work of Andreas Vesalius

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“In the Shadow of Vesalius”

An exciting new illustrated book on the life and work of Andreas Vesalius.

In this book a multitude of academics scholars present new findings concerning Andreas Vesalius and his contemporaries, offering an inspiring new account on Vesalius’ extraordinary long-term influence on anatomy, science and art.


Authors (alphabetic order):
Biesbrouck M., Bols P., Caiati M., Campanella B., Debois J.M., Déderix S., Dirix Th., Driessen J., Fabbri M.C., Goddeeris Th., Kashtiara A., Legnaioli St., Nutton V., Pagnotta St., Palleschi V., Poggialini Fr., Pollier P., Quisenaerts T., Sarris A., Soulier D., Steeno O., Van de Velde A., Van Glabbeek F., Van Hee R.

Editor: Van Hee R.
Publishers: Garant Publishers
Antwerp (Belgium) / Apeldoorn (The Netherlands)


Pre-order price (until release on 13th November 2020): 39 €  or 45 USD (postage and handling excluded).
Bookshop price as of 14th November 2020: 45 € or 52 USD.

To reserve your copy send an email address to: ​
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