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THE HUMAN MANDALAS “When the invisible becomes visible…”

HELENE GODDYN seeks the essence of creation, one of her mediums, being digital art. Her signature : “Create to live and make a better world!”. Everyday life events drove Hélène to look into the medical imagery. This perception of our deep nature gave birth to her series : « The Human Mandalas ». These Human Mandalas symbolize our universality, setting us all on an equal footing. Indeed, age, ethnic origin and even sex cannot be distinguished, depending on type of radiographic picture or observer knowledge. The mandala is a sacred worship art object. As a strong symbol, the medical imagery constitutes a perfect harmony. Both lead us to the way of research; one explores our body while the other helps us discovering our inner pathway.


HUMAN MANDALAS were rewarded last year at the Tokyo Palace museum by the Philips brand with Olivier as jury Picasse. For more info, click HERE.

A human mandala will be exhibited this year at the national art museum center of Tokyo (“Voyage”). Click HERE for more info.