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Brooke Roberts in TEDMEDLive Athens

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Brooke Roberts as a TEDMEDLive Athens speaker will inspire the audience revealing the linkage between medicine and fashion design. Her talk subject will be:

“How do Radiography and Knitwear Design mix?”

Brooke Roberts, is an award-winning Knitwear designer and Diagnostic Radiographer. Her fashion label, Brooke Roberts, creates digital knitwear from medical scans and x-rays, utilizing specialist programming technology.


She has 14 years Radiography experience in the National Health Service (NHS) in London, and has seven years experience in the luxury fashion knitwear sector, working in factories across Europe. Brooke has collaborated with The Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, where her work is currently exhibited.

At TEDMED Live Athens she will answer the question “How do Radiography and Knitwear Design mix?