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Category : Bio-art, Conference
BIOFABRICATE, is a world where the biological material (yeasts, bacteria, fungi, algae, mammalian cells) are fermented, cultured and engineered to synthesize natures materials but with new functional and aesthetic properties.
From the most ancient methods of culturing products to the latest techniques in synthetic biology by means of new technologies, BIOFABRICATE reimagines and redesigns our surrounding world through a biological lens.
Biofabricate was founded in 2014 by Suzanne Lee of Biocouture ™, a NASA/Nike Material Innovator and TED Senior Fellow. Her aim is to nurture collaboration around this field, share knowledge, build community and accelerate innovation. The annual Biofabricate conference brings together a truly unique and unlikely global audience comprised of designers and scientists, artists and engineers, global brands and startups, investors and policy makers, trend-forecasters and media.