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“The Artist as Host” / Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA), Greece / Lecture series

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“The Artist as Host”

Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) 2017 Lecture series

Athens School of Fine Arts, Friday 2nd June, 18:00-20:30
New Amphitheatre, New Library Building, 256 Peiraios, Athens

18:00 – Welcome and Introduction
Assimina Kaniari /The artist as host from Palissy to Kac

18:15-19:00 – Lectures: Hosts and hosting
Gunalan Nadarajan /Spectral Animals
Ingeborg Reichle /Speculative Biologies: New Directions in Art & Biotechnology
Fay Zika /The garden as host

19:00-19: 15 – Break

19:15-20:00 – Lectures: Contemporary art practices
Irina Aristarkhova /Challenges to Hospitality in Contemporary Art
Kathy High /Speaking Animal: Interspecies Collaborations
Lia Yoka /Α very schematic history of exhibiting technoscience as art

20:00 – 20:30 – Discussion: Critical approaches

Panel: Jenny Marketou, Adam Zaretsky, Ioannis Melanitis, Dalila Honorato.

Convenor: Assimina Kaniari

This lecture series is convened by Assimina Kaniari, D. Phil. Oxford, Assistant Professor in Art History at ASFA in the context of the ASFA 2016-2017 courses ‘History of Modern and Contemporary Art: Documentation, Labour and Production’ (MFA / ΜΕΤ) and Critical Approaches to Art History: the Museum Institution (BA in Art History / ΘΙΣΤΕ) taught by A. Kaniari, Assistant Professor in Art History, ASFA.