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A visit in Andreas Syggros Museum: the amazing museum in Athens that combines Medicine and Art

It’s been a great pleasure to visit the amazing “Andreas Syggros Museum”, located in the compound of the Andreas Syggros Hospital in Athens, Greece.

Housing more than 1660 molded plastics of STD and dermatological diseases, this museum is the second largest of its kind worldwide. The models were created by Prof. G.O. Foteinos and trained technicians/artists.

The “Andreas Syggros Museum” started operating as an educational unit in 1912. Under the supervision of Professor A. Katsampas, the museum has been renovated in 2011: a contemporary, industrial-like metal structure now stages the rustic wooden showcases with realistic disfigured faces and disformed bodyparts. Medicine and Art combined in the heart of Athens.

Special thanks to Professor C. Antoniou showing us around.

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In the pictures:

Christina Antoniou, Professor of Dermatology, Medical School, University of Athens.

Theo Dirix, Consul, Embassy of Belgium

Vasia Hatzi, PhD Geneticist, Creator and Director of MEDinART