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Brooke Roberts has been shortlisted for an award in London called the h.Club100

MEDinART proudly announces that Brooke Roberts, the London based radiographer and fashion designer, has just been shortlisted for an award…

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TEDMEDLive Athens talk of Brooke Roberts

Brooke Roberts inspired us with her talk and her fascinating med-inspired fashion show at TEDMEDLive Athens 2013. Brooke Roberts, as a…

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Brooke Roberts at TEDMEDLive Athens.. Backstage!

Exclusive photos from Minas Minatsis.

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MEDinART presented at TEDMEDLive Athens 2013

MEDinART is a TEDMED Live Athens 2013 initiative. ΤEDMED is a meeting place for innovative leaders from various fields sharing a…

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