"under the rose" (2015). Mixed media on paper, 18x23cm ©Konstantinos Patsios

"mare nostrum". Mixed media on paper, 25x45cm. ©Konstantinos Patsios

"the fire in the borgo". mixed media on paper, 25x45 cm. ©Konstantinos Patsios

"death eating a little virgin". mixed media on paper, 18x23 cm. ©Konstantinos Patsios

"the sexy olocaust". mixed media on paper, 90x130 cm. ©Konstantinos Patsios

"killing Rudolf". mixed media on paper, 50x70 cm. ©Konstantinos Patsios

untitled, 50x70cm, lambdapront, 2012, ©Konstantinos Patsios

"The good son",60x65x90 cm, mixed media, 2011 ©Konstantinos Patsios

untitled. 50x80 cm lamda print. ©Konstantinos Patsios

untitled. 3,60x2,50 cm, mixed media. ©Konstantinos Patsios

"it never rains in lampedusa" (2017). Collage on paper. 20x30 cm. ©Konstantinos Patsios

Konstantinos Patsios