"Tribute to hypophysis - Brain", 2011, old bed sheet, shirt, embroidery, pearl, polyester fiber and electric wire, 70cm x 19cm x 19cm. ©Karine Jollet

"Heart Arborescence" (detail), 2011, old bed sheet, pearls, embroidery, wadding and wire, 95cm x 55cm x 35cm. ©Karine Jollet

"Foot bones", 2007, old bed sheet, lace, pearls, satin and wadding, 28cm x 10cm x 17cm. ©Karine Jollet

"Empty Space - Skull", 2006, old bed sheet, lace, pearls, wadding and wire, 22cm x 15cm x 13cm. ©Karine Jollet

"Ancestor", 2005, old bed sheet and wadding, 36cm x 43cm x 25cm. ©Karine Jollet

"Containers - Feet", 2005, old bed sheet, satin, wadding and wire, 14cm x 25cm x 11cm each foot. ©Karine Jollet

"Relics", 2004, old bed sheet, wadding and wire, 40cm x 8cm x 11cm each arm. ©Karine Jollet

"Shroud", 2007, "boutis" on cotton handkerchieves, 40cm x 40cm. (Boutis is an old traditional technique, mainly developed in the south of France. The drawing is sewn on two pieces of fabrics and between them is inserted a cotton wick). ©Karine Jollet

"Lungs", 2007, "boutis" on a cotton tunic. ©Karine Jollet

Karine Jollet