"Human Papillomavirus" - For the upcoming issue of Johns Hopkins Public Health magazine on Human Papillomavirus (more commonly known as HPV), the most common sexually transmitted virus in the United States. It’s a sensitive and difficult subject to illustrate. The article highlights several leading researchers on the subject, including Dr. Keerti Shah, a Johns Hopkins virologist, who had been studying HPV and cervical cancer for more than 20 years, as well as Patti Gravitt, a first generation Shah protégé. For this assignment, I decided to explore a more gritty, painterly process to communicate the nature of the subject. Client: Johns Hopkins University. Publication: Johns Hopkins Public Health. Art Director: Robert H. Ollinger. ©Dung Hoang

"Mind Heart Connection" - Cover illustration for a feature about the heart and brain connection. It has been discovered that the heart and brain share a very strong connection neurologically. Client: Tufts University. Art Director: Paul DiMattia. ©Dung Hoang

"The Sex Issue" - One of the most common of human activities, sex is also one of the most uncomfortable topics of discussion. These illustrations explore various themes involving sex and health. Client: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Art Director: Robert Ollinger. ©Dung Hoang

"The Mind and the Brain" - Book jacket for “The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and Power of Mental Force” by Jeffrey M. Schwartz. M.D., and Sharon Begley. The illustration is an expanded version of the spot illustration originally commissioned for Red Herring magazine on smart networks. Client: HarperCollins/Regan Books. Art Director: Dan Taylor. ©Dung Hoang

"Chronic Kidney Disease" - For an article on Chronic Kidney Disease. Client: IE Design + Communications. Art Director: Nicole Lehmann. ©Dung Hoang

“Human Genome” – For an article about man’s achievement of mapping of the human genome. Client: The Chicago Tribune. Art Director: Michael Solita. ©Dung Hoang

"Schizophrenia" - For an article about Asians with schizophrenia. Client: Inside Asian America. Art Director: John Tan. ©Dung Hoang

"Forensic" - For an article about forensic psychology. Client: Marymount Manhattan College. Art Director: Megan Youngblood. ©Dung Hoang

"Spinal Cord" - For the July cover of Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening on spinal cord injury. Client: The Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association. Art Director: Emma Dalby. ©Dung Hoang

Dung Hoang