"Imagining Blue” is an interactive brainwave sculpture that uses the participant’s minds to dynamically control the light, the motion and the sounds of the sculpture. This mesmerizing art work that gives the audience previously unexplored and intimate views of the workings of their own minds. It enables users to observe their own current brain in action. The EEG data sensor converts the waves into external changes of color and the patterning of the LED sculpture as well as to create music based on the sounds of neurons firing and breathing. ©China Blue

MindDraw enables people to create beautiful real-time brain based images. By accessing their mental states of relaxation, meditation, focus or just by thinking, the participants drive the shape and speed of installation imagery. In addition to the performance installation this work is also designed as a stand alone, wall mounted, user interactive work with a self-contained program. ©China Blue

Eiffel Tower project: Recording the Eiffel Tower subbasement. Click here to buy the CD: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/chinablue2

In 2009 China Blue & Dr. Seth Horowitz, a Brown University neuroscientist, recorded NASA’s Ames Vertical Gun both inside and outside the chamber with customized seismic, boundary (PZM) and ultrasonic microphones to capture the sonic footprint of a hypervelocity impact. The seismic microphones were placed both on the surrounding platform and against the central target. The boundary microphones were placed on the platform at 180 deg. from each other and the ultrasonic microphone was placed at the top of the chamber creating an array that would capture the full acoustic emission from multiple locations. The microphones were monitored live on separate channels and the recordings captured with state of the art computer software. Simultaneous binaural recordings on standard microphones were made to capture the ambient acoustics external to the chamber.

China Blue