A palette of living colors. Naturally pigmented bacteria isolated from a microgeographical walk in Birmingham. ©Simon Park

The very common soil bacterium Bacillus mycoides senses and responds to deformations and tensions in its growth environment. ©Simon Park

Plant Porn (series). Explicit and close up photographs of plant sexual organs. ©Simon Park

Bioluminescent Bacteria Art (series). ©Simon Park

The Bioluminescent Bacterial Light Lab. ©Simon Park

Some observations on the energy of rain: reconstructing a rain drop. ©Simon Park

Garden in Infrared: Photographs of garden taken with a thermal imaging camera. Leaves and flowers become like abstract paintings as differences in temperature become apparent, and Bumbles Bees can be seen as yellow spots of heat energy. ©Simon Park

The images above, at 100x magnification of a red rose petal, being cleared of their red pigment and gradually revealing the flowers cellular pigment. ©Simon Park

Fructose Crystals. ©Simon Park

Single colonies of Photobacterium phosphoreum HB imaged by their own bioluminescence. ©Simon Park

Pond Life. Some images of what I found in a drop of pond water using a DIC microscope at 100x magnification. Playing with representing the images as circles. ©Simon Park