EAR ON ARM. "The EAR ON ARM suggests an alternate anatomical architecture - the engineering of a new organ for the body: an available, accessible and mobile organ for other bodies in other places, enabling people to locate and listen in to another body elsewhere. The EAR ON ARM has required 2 surgeries thus far. An extra ear is presently being constructed on my forearm: A left ear on a left arm. An ear that not only hears but also transmits. A facial feature has been replicated, relocated and will now be rewired for alternate capabilities [...]" http://stelarc.org/?catID=20242 ©Stelarc

"Re-Wired / Re-Mixed". Explore it here: http://rewiredremixed.stelarc.org/

EXOSKELETON. "A six-legged, pneumatically powered walking machine has been constructed for the body. The locomotor, with either ripple or tripod gait, moves fowards, backwards, sideways and turns on the spot. It can also squat and lift by splaying or contracting its legs. The body is positioned on a turn-table, enabling it to rotate about its axis. It has an exoskeleton on its upper body and arms. The left arm is an extended arm with pneumatic manipulator having 11 degrees-of- freedom. It is human-like in form but with additional functions. The fingers open and close , becoming multiple grippers. There is individual flexion of the fingers, with thumb and wrist rotation. The body actuates the walking machine by moving its arms. Different gestures make different motions- a translation of limb to leg motions. The body's arms guide the choreography of the locomotor's movements and thus compose the cacophony of pneumatic and mechanical and sensor modulated sounds [...]" http://stelarc.org/?catID=20227 ©Stelarc

In STOMACH SCULPTURE, Stelarc inserts a crab-like robotic object into his own stomach, and then records the event through an endoscopic camera fed into his oesophagus. The aim was to construct a sculpture for the inside of the body. An automated choreography inside a soft organ. The body becomes a host for a machine, not for some medical necessity but as a result of an aesthetic choice. It is a site-specific work, not in a public space but rather in a private, physiological space. Through its worm screw and link mechanism it could close into a capsule to be safely inserted. Once inside the inflated stomach cavity it could open up and extend, with a flashing light and a beeping sound. It required as many as six insertions over a period of two days to record about fifteen minutes of video, using a medical endoscope. ©Stelarc

THIRD HAND. "A mechanical human-like hand that is attached to my right arm as an additional hand. It is made to the dimensions of my real right hand. The motions of the hand are controlled by the electrical signals of the muscles (EMG), typically from the abdominal and leg muscles for independent movements of the three hands. Simply, signals from muscle contractions are picked up, pre-amplified, rectified and sent to the switching system [...]" http://stelarc.org/?catID=20265 ©Stelarc

EXTENDED ARM. "The EXTENDED ARM is constructed with the aesthetic of the THIRD HAND, using materials like stainless steel, aluminium and acrylic. The pneumatics are all for the operation of the manipulator. It is a five-finger human-like hand with some novel capabilities. Its functions include wrist rotation, thumb rotation, individual finger flexion with each finger splitting open. Each finger can become a gripper in itself. The EXTENDED ARM acrylic sleeve fits over the right arm whose fingers rest on an array of 4 switches allowing the actuation of pre-programmed sequences of motion of the manipulator. The right arm becomes primate in proportion. [...]" http://stelarc.org/?catID=20218 ©Stelarc