"Windows into the Mind". A site-specific installation at Lafayette College, Easton PA. ​Brain slides from a rhesus macaque monkey. Windows into the Mind is a site-specific installation for the windows of the guard house on Sullivan Road at Lafayette College. Comprised of old-style brain slides from rhesus macaque monkeys, the glass illuminates in the daylight and glows in the evening. Juxtaposed against the large empty space, the slides contain something much larger: parts of minds past. 2016 © Julia Buntaine

"Wave(s)" Gamma Wave(s). (2' x 2' x 2.5'. Rebar Wire). One way to look at the activity of the brain is through electrical waves. A more familiar wave measurement is the EKG for the heart muscle, but for the brain the measurement is called EEG (short for Electroencephalogram), and works in essentially the same way. There are multiple kinds of waves measured from brain activity and this is due to the variety of activity, or neural oscillation, the brain exhibits naturally. Simple put, when you are falling asleep you exhibit one type of oscillation (alpha waves), and when you are awake and active you exhibit another. In the neurosciencetific study of consciousness, Gamma-type waves were originally thought to be the “consciousness waves”, exhibiting the frequency of oscillation thought necessary to produce our conscious experience as human beings. Although there has been no consensus on this theory, it is one among many theories of how consciousness arises from the activity of the billions of neurons that compose the brain. This piece is an exploration of the potential of brain wave forms. 2013 © Julia Buntaine

"Butterflied". (mixed media). n. any of numerous diurnal insects of the order Lepidoptera,characterized by clubbed antennae, a slender body, and large,broad, often conspicuously marked wings n. a person who flits aimlessly from one interest or group to another: a social butterfly v. to slit open and spread apart to resemble the spread wings of a butterfly. 2013 © Julia Buntaine

"Burst" (1.5'x2'. monofilament, steel wire, wood). The thalamus, a symmetrical structure located at the center of the brain, serves as the sensory relay station for all incoming sensory information, making its role in the formation of a conscious experience critical. 2012 © Julia Buntaine

"Reading". (paper, books, concrete). Ion channels area biological protein form which facilitate the diffusion of ions across the cellular membrane, ultimately contributing to cellular function, such as propagation of an action potential. 2009 © Julia Buntaine

Julia Buntaine