"Tumors or wings" (Blown glasss, metal. 35x14x12 cm. January 2017). "Τhe sculpture ‘’Tumors or Wings?’’ encloses my thoughts with regard to the ovarian cancer and maternity. How could it be that some tumors could transform you into an angel? I use glass, a material so rigid yet so fragile at the same time. Ι create artwork inspired by gynaecological tumors. Shapes of female ovarian tumors that could also hint angel wings too. Wings of our own relative - our angel who has already left far away." ©Eleni Petridou

"Ηourglass" (blown glass, metal, sand. 55x22x22 cm. July 2016). "Two vertically connected container hubs, in the shape of navel, symbols of the Oracle of Delphi –points of geodesy marking the center of the earth and creating an hourglass. The sand flowing awakes back memories of past time and symbolizes the enduring agony of humans for the unpredictable future. The time that flows is priceless and disease can interrupt it at any time. The inability of one to intervene in their destiny, brings them face to face with the divination, which represents the permanent need of the mortals to believe in something supreme -a religion. Time flows and it will always be flowing, and one will every time wonder: "Is it correct and safe to do this act or the other?". In final analysis, every day is like an hourglass. Would it be possible to rotate again tomorrow?" ©Eleni Petridou

"Μetexmio - borderline" (Blown glasss, metal 40x40x14 cm. January 2017). "Two shapes distorted by disease. It will not let them escape- it is killing them. Malignant tumors that bring your own life at the edge. Two spheres which can not hide their deterioration. Symbols of cells that malignant tumor deforms. By simply searching the title of mine sculpture: "The borderline is the transition between two conflicting situations". Another hourglass-shaped object made of fragile blown glass. Two transparent almost perfect forms that their clear glass can not hide their internal deformation. Two sick cells in a project for me represents the verge of Life and Death. Two glass pieces, showing the borderline Μetastasis and transition of life to death." ©Eleni Petridou

"Spreading" (Composition of glasses, resin, resin powder, polystyrene. May 2016). "A set of uneven and different sized cysts created from carcinogenic materials. An optical messed of organic tumors and gemstones. A sick population of spreader volumes far beyond the size that may exist within the human body. Annoyingly sebum on the body when the attack and fatigue exhausting for the soul. The question is, can we get rid of them? A literal queries to hint whether it is in fact ultimately curable, but a spiritual contemplation if man can be freed from the psychological or deal of?" ©Eleni Petridou

"Soul-cells" (50x100x40 cm. Loufa plant- ceramics, metal stand, wood. January 2017). "The title contains a pun if the soul can eventually imprisoned or isolated somewhere. In this project I used Loufa, a sponge that can intrude limited and the red clay which gives me the ability to the creature as close to the impression of my thinking. I created individual items as I wanted to save in each one a soul. I Create souls - from people who left--shaping natural loofah sponge form that schematically refers to the DNA complex as well as vaginas. On clay I dug a porous, with holes like wounds surface similar to that already had the sponge, showing the heavy damage suffered by a man by the end of the route through a cancer illness." ©Eleni Petridou

Eleni Petridou