Close up wound - 'Connecting Wounds' installation (2014) ©Annelies Slabbynck

'Shroud II' (detail) (2013) ©Annelies Slabbynck

Arm - Prosthesis. Vintage gloves, embroidery yarn (2011)

'Hands and Fingers' ©Annelies Slabbynck

'Prosthesis' (2011) ©Annelies Slabbynck

'The Blood Series' (2010) ©Annelies Slabbynck

The Corpus Collection. Cotton vichy fabric, red embroidery yarn, zippers (2009) ©Annelies Slabbynck

Embryonic Underwear/Apron. White colored cotton underwear and aprons, pink/beige cotton and pictures. (2009) ©Annelies Slabbynck

Woman versus Woman. Cotton dress, colored cotton (Chinese bed sheet) and synthetic stuffing (2008) ©Annelies Slabbynck

Table Cloth. Drawing (2008) ©Annelies Slabbynck

Collar. Vintage collar and teeth (2008) ©Annelies Slabbynck

Broken Hands - Inside Out. White & pink colored earth ware clay, textile, glass console and wax (2005) ©Annelies Slabbynck

Annelies Slabbynck